Pucker Powder

  • the bulk

    The bulk

    14 Flavor Bulk Dispensing Unit

    Owr new design allows for:

    • Complete Graphic Customization
    • Simple set-up
    • Easy cleanup with included vaccuum
    • Quick replacement of candy
    • Mobility within your location (casters)
    • Large storage capacity
    • Additional built-in removeable tube-displays
    • Built-in waste containers
    • Dimensions: 92cm diameter x 214cm tall
    • Weight 109kg. Approximately
  • pucker powder 12 flavors

    12 Flavors

    12 Flavors Round Dispensing Unit

    Our standard, easy loading dispensing unit

    • Complete Graphic Customization
    • Free Standing
    • Built-in tube holder and waste container
    • Extra large storage capacity
    • Dimension: 61 cm diameter x 198cm tall
    • Weight: 46kg. Approximatively
  • pucker powder 6 flavors

    6 Flavors

    6 Flavors Half-Round Table Top or Wall Mount Dispensing Unit

    When Space is at a premium this easy loading dispensing unit is the solution

    • Free Standing Table Top (Weighted base)
    • Adaptable to wall mount.
    • Portable
    • Dimensions: 61cm diameter x 110cm tall
    • Weight: 27 kg. Approximatively
  • pucker powder 3 flavors

    3 Flavors

    Our most flexible dispenser yet & designed to fit locations with limited floor space

    Expandable in multiples of three flavors to six, nine and twelve. Simply add an additional section

    • Fits your existing slatwall, pegboard and gondola shelving
    • 3 flavors in one small compact unit
    • Each Unit Section is only 31(w) x 25(d) x 56(h)cm
  • tubes pucker powder


    Pucker powder orders and re-orders are placed by ordering lot sizes of tubes based upon the number of a specific size of tube one bottle of candy will fill. This Chart illustrates the lot ratio of tubes to bottle:

    15cm = 1 pack = 30 tubes          case= 1500 tubes

    30cm= 1 pack = 15 tubes          case= 1200 tubes

    45cm= 1 pack = 10 tubes          case= 1000 tubes

    85cm= 1 pack = 5 tubes          case= 600 tubes

  • pucker powder flavors

    Pucker Powder Flavors

    Sour :

    Fruit Punch, Grape, Green Apple, Lemonade, Peach, Pear, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, White Apple, Wild Cherry

    Sweet :

    Banana, Blue Bubblegum, StrawBerry

    Contains enough product to fill :

    30 tubes = 15cm
    15 tubes = 30cm
    10 tubes = 45cm
    5 tubes = 85cm


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